I leave each session with peace and a new perspective. I was taught to “stuff things” or “bury emotions. Get over it.” They were stuffed and buried in my body, opening myself to dis-comfort, dis-ease, stress, emotional weight, loss of energy. By using both craniosacral and somatic coaching, I am being walked through a process of acknowledgement, honoring the memory or emotion in a non-judgmental fashion, and ultimately release. Each time I leave, I walk lighter. I feel the oxygen in my body flowing freely. I am restored.
— Marina Lachecki

Growing Awareness


Clear away the confusion and quite the voices in your head that pull you down and stress you out. Don’t waist your time, energy or money anymore doing things that don’t line up with you or your core values.  We will bring clarity and focus to your desires, design a personalized path, and give you the tools and knowledge to make it happen. Arrive at a place where you can stand confident and trust your growing intuition.

Your most powerful tool in life is how well you know yourself and your experiences. Empowered with this self-understanding, you can feel more like yourself, have more choices, and go through life with more ease and joy. You are able to act from a place of strength, creativity and power.

A coach helps you find a greater understanding of yourself and your experience, aligns you with you true desire, and develops ways for you to reach them with greater consciousness. 

It’s about growing in life and self. We all have issues or blocks that hold us back, haunt us, or are unfinished. We all have things we don’t see within ourselves or life. A coach helps us open our eyes to a fuller reality, provides insights to shift perspectives, and allows us to move toward the life we desire.

Life Coaching and Somatic Coaching helps you identify your true desires and what’s holding you back from reaching them.  It brings you a deeper understanding of yourself, grows awareness, and helps you create a plan to reach your true desires. Through this safe, supportive, insightful approach you are able to make conscious changes for yourself and your life in a skillful way.


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Michael’s Somatic Coaching has been my
awakening. By that I mean, through our sessions I have been able to fully let go of and release suppressed memories, fears and patterns that had been holding me back in work and my personal
— Bayfield, WI

Deeper connection to yourself


Somatic Bodywork, Craniosacral, and Massage help in similar ways. They increase your awareness of the body and how it is being affected by life.  The supportive compassionate touch creates a loosening around what is holding you back and provides the space to be yourself. You become more aware of areas to grow and expand. A kind and mindful touch can be just what you need with all life throws at you.


Somatic Bodywork uses dialogue and light touch helping you connect your body’s signals to your thoughts, emotions, and ideals. Our mind becomes less involved and your body’s message becomes clearer, helping us find new skillful ways to be with ourselves and our life experiences without restrictions from judgment, self-criticism, and fear.


Cranioscaral uses light touch to release tension in the body. This work will bring your body and nervous system into a deep state of relaxation to release unnecessary tension. I follow the body’s constricted pattern, and then give light pressure to encourage and support the release. This softens tightness, restores the natural flow and balance to your body.


Massage uses direct techniques to bring the body to a place of release and softening. This opens the muscle and fascial tightness that’s limiting you from free movement and restores structural balance. Fluid exchange nourishes the tissue bring more life and energy to you.

Michael has helped me move through a long healing process of the mind and body. My body stored way too much tension and I had sleep difficulties. My anxiety/fear reactions were unreal. Through Craniosacral therapy I am now able to sleep naturally My body and mind are healthier! Michael is a true professional that is truly present to provide healing therapy in a safe environment.
— Marie

Discovering yourself through stillness


Through developing our capacity to allow, this meditation practice supports accepting yourself and what you're experiencing in the moment for what it is, being gentle with yourself, and having self-kindness. You build self-awareness, honesty, openness, and find insight in your stillness.  Witness yourself more fully by allowing your experience to unfold naturally with thoughts, emotions, memories, concepts, ideals, beliefs, and desires.


This time is about YOU and your experience.


I feel like my “outward self” is coming into a full alignment with my “inner self.”

— Bayfield, WI